Managing Director Mrs Naheed Imtiaz Hansraj With The Management Team

About Skyways

The philosophy that lies at the core of all our operations is a simple one: Quality is never to be compromised upon. We are constantly striving to achieve optimum quality level without forgetting the importance of an economic price structure.

The Core Values of our organisation are: Honesty, Innovation & Team-work.


To maintain our position as leading manufacturers of quality Auto parts and Metal packaging, while fulfilling our responsibility towards all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, government authorities and shareholders.

Mr. Azad Muhammad Ali Hansraj – Chairman

Skyways was formed in the late 1960s by our founder (late) Mohamedali Hansraj.

I joined the business in the 1970s after completing mechanical engineering from the UK and my brother Imtiaz Hansraj joined us in the 1980s after completing a degree in Marketing from the USA.

A basic product range of filters was soon developed into a wide and diverse array of oil, air, fuel filters for all types of engines from motorcycle to locomotive and from power plants to tractors., Over the years, we added other products such as control cables, but our second core product was Aluminum caps for pharmaceutical bottles. We produce both Roll-on & Pilfer-proof caps in different sizes.

Our focus has not just been to satisfy customers but also to look after our employees, through a healthy working environment, educational support for their children, dowry for their children and bonuses subject to profitability. This way we have been able to retain the best talent.

I wish the management team all the best and will continue to guide them in my capacity as Chairman.