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We manufacture a vast variety of Filters (Air, Oil & Fuel) for motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, turbines, generators and locomotives. Filter paper is imported from Korea and Germany according to the customer requirements for pore size, flow rate, dirt holding capacity and special characteristics, such as flame retardant. Major components and accessories are produced in-house, using sheet metal and plastic materials.


We have an injection moulding and bake-paint unit in Lahore , producing ABS body parts for motorcycles. Our plant comprises of heavy-duty automatic injection moulding machines, ranging from 150 Tons to 410 Tons. These parts are painted at our in-house paint-shop having fully conveyorized booths and ovens, with climate control and dust-free environment.


For over two decades, we have been the leading manufacturers of tin cans for shoe polish, pesticides and other applications. A fast printing line from Crabtree (UK) enables us to achieve high quality print finish according to the design and graphics of our clients. A full range of power presses, curling machines, welding and seaming line enables us to take on all types of challenging designs.



As an extension of our tin container business, we have recently diversified into the production of Aluminium caps, both Roll-on and Pilfer Proof, for pharmaceuticals. We produce the full range of caps including 22mm, 25mm, 35mm and other sizes, with various printing & wadding options. Our automatic lines operate in a hygienic, dust-preventive and hands-free environment to avoid contamination and maintain the highest quality standards.